– Available as seven, eight- or 11-day cruises from $ 3,890.00 –

General Information

Galapagos is one of the top dive sites in the whole world. The diving in Galapagos is simply stunning, and you will be able to swim with iconic species such as hammerhead sharks, rays, Galapagos sea lions, the remarkable Galapagos marine iguana, and many more.

All of our Galapagos diving cruises are operated by fully qualified and highly experienced dive masters and crews, and many of our dive vessels offer enhanced equipment including nitrox as well as high-quality diving gear hire. All our diving cruise itineraries include visits to the remarkable Wolf and Darwin dive sites – rightly regarded as being among the top 5 sites in the entire world!


The Galapagos is renowned as a year-round diving paradise. Sitting on the convergence of warm and cold water currents the archipelago is teeming with marine life, making a Galapagos diving cruise a “bucket list” adventure for divers from around the world! You can enjoy encounters with Galapagos sea lions, marine iguanas, many species of ray, hammerhead sharks by the thousand, turtles, Galapagos penguins, and a huge range of pelagic fish. You will have a first-class experience both under the water and on board.

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Important Note

Very important to know is, that all diving cruises are not for beginners due to the somewhat challenging conditions that you can encounter diving in Galapagos because of currents, swell, temperatures and the rugged underwater terrain. Most Galapagos scuba diving cruises will expect you to have completed at least 30 logged dives and have gained your Advanced Open Water qualification, with experience of diving in swell and currents. If you meet those basic criteria then you are going to experience some of the best diving the world has to offer! All diving in Galapagos is from the cruise boat’s dive platform or inflatable tender (known locally as a panga). Getting in and out of the panga’s can be tricky, so we can’t recommend the Galapagos for divers with mobility restrictions. Once you are under the water you will be in a diver’s paradise, and led by some of the best and most experienced dive guides to be found anywhere. Out of the water we have made sure that all our Galapagos diving boats and liveaboards offer you comfortable surroundings with all the additional equipment you need to enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime diving adventure.

All Galapagos cruises include:

  • Multilingual guide (Spanish, English)
  • All meals throughout the cruise
  • Water, Coffee, Tea & fresh juices
  • Air Condition
  • Private bathroom
  • Transfers to and from ship (if flight booked with us/Galapatours)
  • Snorkel gear (additional costs may occur)

All Galapagos cruises do not cover the following services:

  • Airfare tickets (approx. $ 300 round trip from Quito)
  • Alcoholic drinks & bottled beverages
  • Crew and guide tips
  • $100 national park entrance fee
  • $20 transit control card
  • Payment fees

Included amenities depending on the ship

  • Wetsuits (additional costs may occur)
  • Dive Gear equipment (additional costs may occur)
  • Nitrox refills (additional costs may occur)
  • Kayaks (additional costs may occur)
  • Standup paddle boards
  • Scuba diving day excursions
  • Glass bottom boat
  • Discount for kids
  • Single cabin surcharge
  • Single travelers can share room (without surcharge)
  • Triple rooms
  • Privat Balcony
  • Internet connectivity (additional costs occur)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym on board
  • Children’s corner
  • German or French speaking guides upon request

For prices and a non-binding personal offer, please contact us via our online contact form or by email to Also see our terms and conditions and information on payment and methods. We are pleased to make you an offer.

– Available as seven, eight- or 11-day cruises from $ 3,890.00 –