Respect Travel is not a classic travel agency, because we do all of our services voluntarily and free of charge. We connect untouched nature with mindful peoples and respectful travelers.

Why do we do that? Because nature and the people who live in harmony with nature, protect and honor it are very important to us. And because we know every one of them personally. We only work with projects that are 100% managed and operated by local people.

We want to support tourism projects in the Amazon, because they are essential for the protection of the rainforest and for the independence of the indigenous groups. That is why our commission stays with them.

Our three most important project partners alone protect more than 60,000 hectares of primary rainforest and thus habitat for 650 species of birds, 105 species of amphibians, 83 types of reptiles, rare mammals such as jaguars, pumas, giant otters, primates and 100,000 species of insects.

More than 700 people have the opportunity to actively participate in the projects, receive training and finance textbooks and medicine.

We believe that everyone can make a contribution to protecting our most valuable asset – the Amazon Rainforest.